Mantrac Kenya Ltd. has a rich history dating back to the beginning of the 20th Century. Until end year 2002 it was known as Gailey & Roberts Ltd. Gailey & Roberts Ltd. (fondly referred to as G&R by close associates) has gone through a history of metamorphosis since its inception back in 1904. Two gentlemen, Mr. Gailey and Mr. Roberts who merged to form Gailey & Roberts company started it. Later, United Africa Company of Unilever, acquired it. It was Unilever's umbrella that popularized Gailey & Roberts as a household name in Kenya.

Two surveyors attached to Uganda Railways; Messrs James Gailey and Robby Roberts joined hands to set up a general merchandise shop in Nairobi. From the shop they conducted their business as: surveyors and estate agents and sellers of Agricultural equipment including wheelbarrows, harnesses and farm implements. They sold not only agricultural tools but they developed into other areas covering virtually everything and anything including; cars, bicycles, radios, fridges and other household goods. The company grew big.
It was expanding rapidly spreading its wings to establish five branches across the country. Then within the same year the company was appointed the Caterpillar Dealer for East Africa.
This is the year when United Africa Company of Unilever acquired the business of the two surveyors under the name Gailey & Roberts.
Mansour group acquired Gailey & Roberts under the Egyptian Caterpillar Dealer called Mantrac. Mantrac had developed and established a solid reputation as a world class Caterpillar dealer in Egypt for over 25 years.
Gailey & Roberts Ltd. emerges as the new 'butterfly' Mantrac Kenya Ltd. part of the corporate policy to reflect the latest strategy of the company business.